Learn simple techniques for improved results in hot stamping with gold foil, and the arrangement of titles on book spines.Students

Photo © Gray ParrotHot-stamping gold foil on leather for bookbinding is often a daunting task, even for experienced binders. This master course will allow participants, who are already familiar with the process & its pitfalls, to learn & practice a few simple techniques that will make satisfactory results easier to achieve. Concomitant with the actual stamping on leather, attendees will work out lettering problems in metal and on paper.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own title designs & difficult materials for discussion and/or problem solving, as well as their own composing sticks & any other small tools they might think necessary or interesting. A 2X pocket magnifier is invaluable.

Photo © Gray Parrot

Course Dates

Sep 7 to Sep 13



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