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While authors have been able to cheaply create traditional books an individual can now also distribute their work easily. Made possible through the advent of eBooks, this segment of the publishing marketplace has now become the fastest growing. While this new paradigm has empowered the individual author, there are many  aspects of the publishing workflow that need to be considered in a comprehensive plan. With over 30 years experience in all aspects of publishing, Brian Willson brings a unique perspective to this workshop, from writing to editorial to design and distribution. Strategies for the individual publisher in all of these areas are covered. While the class focuses on publishing to an iPad, all other platforms and distribution strategies are discussed, including the Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, Android and iPhone. Students look into depth of EPUB, an open source software solution for eBooks. While the workshop concentrates on text-based publications, the embedding of images and other graphics is also covered.

Students should bring projects and be prepared to leave with a fully-functional eBook and a strategy for distribution. Some experience with Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word software is useful although not required.

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