WordPress is no longer just for blogging. It has become one of the most popular open-source content management systems (CMS) of choice for photographers, videographers, designers, and multimedia artists. With thousands of template themes available, either free or modestly priced, one can find just the right look, and customize many of the design elements, to make a unique website for showcasing one's portfolio and other offerings. As WordPress continues to evolve, refinements and support for mobile devices is becoming available and configurable in addtion to the traditional content for desktop browsers.

In this workshop, students learn to use WordPress to design and build a working website. Students will first learn to work with the dashboard to develop a free site on the WordPress.com server by loading and configuring content in multiple themes while incorporating slideshows and other animated features, including social media integration. Next step will be learning to install, configure, customize and manage a WordPress website on other hosting service providers.  Students will have an opportunity to establish a web presence and email by registering a unique domain name.

No previous website development or design experience necessary.

Each student must be prepared to register a domain name, be ready to obtain, or work with an existing, hosting account, and is encouraged to gather and bring content to post. Nominal web service fees will require student to bring a credit card or have a PayPal account.


Melissa Warp

Melissa's background merges studio and graphic arts. She received a fine arts degree in graphic design from the University of Minnesota Duluth and went on to work as a print and web designer for two firms in Virginia before teaching studio art, design and animation for six years. She received her Masters degree at Hollins University, culminating with an extensive interactive art installation focused on land use.

Melissa has created websites for non-profit groups including the children's rights organization AHALA (www.ahala.com) and a home for sexually abused girls, KAMAMI. She was also involved with the formation of an indigenous artisan cooperative in Guadalajara, México called MNINI, and helped maintain its operation with web and print design. Melissa also worked as an instructor and created the site for Listen to My Pictures, a photo class for disadvantaged teens.

Currently Melissa is teaching journalism students how to incorporate web design, audio recording, photography and video into their work at Western Kentucky University, with web design and publication tools such as Wordpress and Dreamweaver.  She is also a designer for Illuminati Studios and creates web graphics, packaging designs, displays, booklets and advertisements for a wide variety of clients.

© Melissa Warp

Course Dates

Aug 31 to Sep 6



Class Size