September 9, 2015


Contact: Meg Weston, mweston@mainemedia.edu207-236-8581 ext. 350

Maine Media Workshops + College has created a new certificate program that is specifically tailored to provide filmmakers with the skills that are in high demand in the modern film industry. Industry professionals will serve as instructors in the new Certificate in Collaborative Filmmaking, and the curriculum is tightly focused on the concrete expertise and knowledge sought after in the filmmaking marketplace.

“Two decades into my career, I can say that this is the foundation I would have loved to have had when I started out on this journey,” said Wayne Beach, who has written screenplays for many major studios and developed projects for the makers of “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “The Great Gatsby,” Law & Order,” “The Fugitive,” “Seven,” “Ocean’s Eleven,” “Platoon,” “The Matrix,” and “The Perfect Storm.”

Maine Media made this program to serve as an accelerated route to get into the film industry. It is highly suited to college graduates seeking the specific skill sets sought after in the film industry, or for professionals in other careers looking to switch gears and join the filmmaking world. Other students might select this certificate in lieu of a traditional four-year college experience. Maine Media also expects the certificate will be an invaluable asset for independent filmmakers interested in further developing their knowledge. Upon completion of this certificate all students will achieve an important milestone and complete their first short film.

“Guided by accomplished professionals? In a hands-on cutting-edge environment?  Leaving with a portfolio in one year?  Gold,” said Beach.

To further enrich this experience, industry professionals, including Beach, will act as mentors to all of these types of students participating in this new program. And like all Maine Media courses, students will have access to the very best, most modern equipment currently used in the film industry.

This program delivers a decidedly practical curriculum, with content that could only have been formulated by professionals with a deep and current understanding of the skills needed today on the film set or in the editing suite.

The first 10-week term, for example, includes a hands-on four-week film school to establish storytelling and technical skills, and it delivers on topics as practical as learning the vernacular spoken on the set, set and safety etiquette, communicating with crew and talent, and lighting. It concludes with instruction on skills as useful as managing and marketing yourself in the freelance film industry, including everything from project funding, pitching, and professional reels.

The second term takes place during Maine Media’s vibrant and exciting summer workshop period. Students will choose ten electives from those workshops, including cinematography, lighting, audio, directing, screenwriting, documentary, corporate, editing, and digital arts. Mentoring and networking continues: The teacher/student ratio in these workshops averages 10 to 1.

“Our workshops are instructed by the highest caliber of film professionals, from Academy Award-winning directors of photography and screenwriters, to Emmy Award-winning directors and cinematographers,” said Tawny Bradley, Maine Media’s Filmmaking Program Director. Examples include Russell Carpenter ASC; cinematographer, “Titanic,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “Ant-Man.” Mo Flam; gaffer, “Black Swan,” “I Am Legend,” “Meet the Parents.” Mark Ulano; sound mixer, “Kill Bill” Vol. 1 &2, “Inglorious Bastards,” “Django Unchained.” Chris Nelson ACE; editor, “Lost,” “Bates Motel,” “Mad Men.” And, Steven Fierberg ASC; cinematographer, “Entourage,” “The Affair,” “Love & Other Drugs.”

The final term includes students presenting their project for approval by a program advisor. Students will either write and direct this piece, or serve as collaborators in the role of cinematographer or editor. Students will then move through the post-production process along with instruction in that genre. Final products will be screened at a special event.

Maine Media is thrilled to offer this new certificate program knowing that it will deliver tangible, current, sought-after skills to developing filmmakers. We look forward to launching new careers, and bringing blossoming careers to new heights.

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