Campus and Facilities

The beautiful coastal village of Rockport is the home of the world-class imaging centers of Maine Media Workshops and Maine Media College. The film and photography industries generously support the schools’ programs with the donation and loan of the latest production equipment. A complete list of our sponsors can be found at the back of this catalog. The Workshops remains committed to traditional practices in still photography and motion film, while continuing to expand its digital offerings. The Workshops remains committed to traditional practices in still photography and motion film, while continuing to expand its digital offerings. The facilities are equipped to enable students working in a wide range of processes.

Map of MMW Campus and Rockport

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Homestead Campus
The Workshops’ main campus is a complex of buildings just a short walk from Rockport Harbor.  

The Homestead
This 1809 farmhouse includes accommodations, classrooms, the kitchen, and a newly renovated outdoor dining facility.



The Haas Center
At the heart of the campus, this facility houses the offices for student services, administration, and business departments, as well as classrooms and student darkrooms that offer eight private darkrooms, a 16-enlarger gang darkroom, and the B&W Lab. This lab processes film, makes contact sheets and work prints for class review and critique. This service is available to students working with B&W materials in non-darkroom workshops.

The Talent and Locations Office
This office has a professional staff that coordinates the locations and talent for students and faculty and houses the prop room. 

The Post-Production Center
This facility offers Macintosh editing stations with Apple Final Cut Pro in addition to providing classroom space. The Post Production Manager, staff editors, and interns oversee the center and provide instruction and editing services for various classes.

The Film and Video Technical Department
This department contains camera, sound, lighting and grip equipment, including: 16mm film camera packages from Arriflex, digital video camera packages from Canon, Panasonic, and Sony. Additional 16mm and 35mm film cameras and HD cameras for the advanced camera workshops are provided by Arriflex, Panavision, and Panasonic. Tungsten lighting is provided by ARRI and Mole-Richardson; HMI lighting is provided by ARRI; florescent lighting is provided by Kino- Flo; and small, location lighting equipment is provided by Lowel. Matthews and Avenger provide grip equipment; JL Fisher and Chapman Leonard provide dollies and track; and Sachtler, O’Connor, Vinten, and Bogen provide fluid heads and tripods. Tiffen supplies a complete selection of camera filters and sponsors the Steadicam workshops; Rosco sponsors color correcting gels and diffusion; Anton Bauer supplies batteries and chargers; and K-tek and Sennheiser provide the sound equipment.

The Sound Stage
The Sound Stage is a 2,400 square foot studio, complete with 400 amps of power, lights, sets and grip equipment for film, video and photo productions.

New Imaging Center (NIC)
This building houses the digital photography labs, student darkrooms, academic program offices, and Digital Labdining hall. The digital labs are outfitted with Apple workstations, equipped with the latest software and networked to a variety of state-of-the-art printers. Olympus and Canon supply digital SLR cameras for students' use during the college program. A second student darkroom facility is located in this building. This darkroom is set up with seven private darkrooms, two gang darkrooms, film processing and print finishing areas.
Campus Residence
Directly across the street from the Homestead, the Campus Residence features classrooms, internet café, student accommodations and laundry facilities.


The Village Campus is on Central Street in the center of Rockport Village.

Shepherd Building
Opened Spring 2010, the Shepherd Building at 18 Central Street houses the new Maine Media Gallery and Store, administrative offices and multi-use classrooms. Photographs donated by faculty and students to benefit the school are on sale at the Gallery. See the following page for the full schedule.


Book Arts Studio
The Book Arts Studio is located 3 miles north of the central campus. The facility consists of a print shop, bookbinding studio, and a book arts and design library. Equipment in the print shop includes two Vandercook proofing presses, composing table, type cabinets and galley racks, a guillotine paper cutter and a large assortment of metal, wood type and ornaments. The bookbinding studio contains a variety of book presses and sewing frames, a Jacques shear and stamping press, workbenches and a large assortment of bookbinding cloth and materials.



Students live, dine and work within this small community, usually walking between classes, meals and functions. Van service is available for students who prefer to ride.