Maine Media Workshops + College is seeking to hire a GALLERY MANAGER to be responsible for two galleries:  one at 132 Washington Avenue in Portland (Pho Pa), and one at Central Street, Rockport, Maine (MMW + C Gallery").  

The mission of the MMWC Gallery is to showcase photographic and multimedia work of students, alumni, and faculty, as well as innovative media artists whose work would be educational to our community and to our students.  

The mission of the Portland Gallery is to show high quality photography and works on paper of artists in Maine or with a connection to Maine.

The person hired for this position will curate at the MMW+C Gallery in Rockport, and/or coordinate with internal and/or guest curators, and manage approximately 20 gallery exhibitions per year and related events.  The Gallery Manager will ensure both galleries maintain planned open hours, recruiting and coordinating volunteers and interns as needed.  Working with curators and guest curators, the Gallery Manager will be responsible for marketing, communications and public relations; hanging shows, merchandising and displays; planning and hosting gallery events, recordkeeping, cash management and all business functions, and attracting new patrons to the galleries.  

The person in this position will be located in Portland approximately 3 days/week and in Rockport 2 days/week, traveling between these locations. 
The ideal candidate will have excellent communication and writing skills along with the ability to market photography and other artwork effectively through, including but not limited to the internet and appropriate social media outlets; ideally he/she will have previous management and gallery experience; he/she is passionate about photography and knowledgeable about the medium’s history and current trends; and have a working knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator to create promotional materials including postcards, posters, etc.

Salary: $26,000 (annually), plus benefits

Please send resume and letter expressing interest and relevant experience to (Please no phone calls.)