The Professional Certificate program at Maine Media College offers students tracks in photography, filmmaking and multimedia. This unique program replaces the textbook-and-chalkboard approach of traditional programs with a core philosophy that emphasizes hands-on experiences as the primary conduit for learning. Students use the latest media technologies and an array of studios, darkrooms, digital labs, post-production suites, and camera and technical departments, to express their vision within our supportive community.
Over the course of 30 weeks, this program offers students a depth of experience and understanding that often takes years to achieve in more traditional courses of study. The Professional Certificate program’s immersive approach, together with MMC’s collaborative and creative atmosphere, create an ideal environment for artists preparing for graduate school, looking to switch to or enter into a career in the media arts, or simply wishing to further define their professional identities. Click on the video below to hear from Leslie Inman, a recent graduate from the program.