Each summer, our campus overflows with students of all ages and from all over the world. Their wide-ranging skill sets, creative vision, and personal history add to a diverse backdrop that enhances everything we do here. This year, we’ll be able to reach out to an even wider range of visual storytellers, thanks to generous donations to our line-up of scholarship opportunities.  With more than $50,000 available for tuition assistance in 2014, we’re thrilled to bring the transformative Maine Media experience to more deserving students than ever before.

Two new scholarship grants are targeted to Maine teens. A three-year contribution to our Maine Youth Scholarship Fund came from the Bob Crewe Foundation, and a new fund aimed at attracting teens from culturally diverse and underserved populations in the greater Portland area was launched by MMW board member John Rosenblum and his wife, Carolyn. “One of the obligations of a non-profit institution like Maine Media is providing scholarship support so that our learning experiences are accessible to those who could not otherwise afford them,” says John. “We know that our Young Artist Program empowers and inspire participants, and we want this next generation of visual storytellers to include men and women from all of Maine’s communities.”

For many teens, an early show of financial support can make a huge impact on a career trajectory. “My brother, Bob Crewe, has had an extraordinary career culminating in the success of the musical Jersey Boys,” says Bob Crewe Foundation President Daniel Crewe. “In reflection, we recognize the many helping hands we both have had, and now wish to provide that helping hand to the talented young people who will attend Maine Media’s Young Artist Program.”

Professionals benefit from scholarship opportunities, too. Many of our students who receive tuition assistance are looking to give their careers a bump up to the next level. Last summer, writer and freelance videographer Lisa Wagner joined us with help from scholarship funds provided by the Mattina Proctor Foundation. Accustomed to working alone, Lisa worried about how she would fit into a group dynamic. “I thought I might be too old to be taken seriously, or that my skills might be too weak to accomplish much. All those fears proved to be unfounded,” says Lisa. “The people in my class had a great mix of levels of training, experience, and interests. I am now more confident about what I can do on my own and much more confident about my ability to work with others.” Lisa is currently putting her new skills to work on a multimedia cookbook project, as well as a collaborative documentary about the difficulties faced by those with state-committed family members living in group homes. “Before I went, I was thinking I might not make any more videos. About halfway through the week, I knew I would.”

Film and multimedia producer Aditi Desai was able to take our Storytelling with Canon HDSLR workshop with the help of scholarship funds provided by gear sponsor Vitech VideoCom. The film she made during that workshop, Handcrafted in Maine, won a TIVA-DC Peer Silver Award for best pro bono project. “I learned how to work with the Canon 5D to tell a good story in a beautiful way,” says Aditi. “Compelling images are at the heart of visual storytelling, and I use my workshop knowledge every time I go into the field.” Aditi is currently working on a series of short films about local and sustainable farming. The first film in the series recently premiered at the DC Environmental Film Festival.

In addition to our General Workshop Scholarship Fund which is available to deserving students in all of our Rockport-based workshops and long-term programs, we also have scholarships targeted to specific disciplines. In honor of photographer and MMW instructor Arnold Newman, the Arnold Newman Foundation provides generous scholarship funding for adult and teen photographers. The Karen Van Allsburg Memorial Scholarship provides funds for emerging women photographers. Professional Certificate and MFA students are eligible to apply for tuition assistance from funds established in honor of photographer and MMW instructor Paul Caponigro as well as former MMW President Charles Altschul. Special funds are also available for teens from Central New York State or Camden Hills Regional High School. While some scholarships have rolling deadlines, others begin in late April. Be sure to check out the complete list of scholarship opportunities on our website.

Want to join our growing list of scholarship donors? Make a contribution that will make a difference today.