Volunteering is an excellent way to become involved in our local creative community and to see some of Maine’s most wonderful artwork! Our galleries depend on the help of volunteers to maintain open hours, interact with gallery visitors, and assist in the general upkeep of the space. If you are interested in volunteering at either the Maine Media Gallery in Rockport, ME, or the PhoPa Gallery in Portland, ME, please contact the gallery manager, Sarah Whitling, at

Maine Media Alum Nominated for Primetime Emmy

Earlier this year we shared news about alum Annetta Marion working as showrunner on season three of Oprah's Master Class. Well, she's back on our radar! The season has just been nominated for a Primetime Emmy, the first series nomination for OWN. Congratulations, Annetta! Best of luck!

MMW Scholarship Recipient Makes Directorial Debut

Rachel Seed first came to us in 2006 as a work-study student, and later returned for our Platypus course with Dirck Halstead on a Yarka Vendrinska Scholarship. We were excited to hear that Rachel is now working at the International Center for Photography and is preparing her first documentary, A Photographic Memory, a personal and photo-historical project based on archival film interviews that Rachel's mother conducted with photographic luminaries like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bruce Davidson, and Lisette Model in the early 1970s. Not only a fascinating window into the philosophies and motivations of some of photography's most influential artists, the film is also a vehicle for Rachel to learn about her mother, Sheila Turner-Seed, who died not long after the interviews were filmed, when Rachel was just a toddler. Weaving archival footage with Rachel's own contemporary interviews with many of the same artists, A Photographic Memory is a posthumous mother-daughter collaboration fueled by a shared love of photography. Read more about the project's progress at Rachel's A Photographic Memory blog

Brianna Torres wins Coco Latino Video Contest

It's been less than a year since Brianna Torres was here, taking our Storytelling With Bruce Strong workshop, but already she has made major inroads on her career. Brianna wrote to us recently to share the news that she had won the Coco Latino Video Contest with her short film, Feed What You Love"I was in such a rut last year that I cashed out some of my retirement to pay for Bruce Strong's class," says Brianna. "And it made all the difference, because a month later I won $10,000 in a video contest!" Brianna rounded out her year making running videos for Adidas and Running Times Magazine, and creating a web app during Tribeca Hacks. She's now ready to launch an independent documentary film project about travelling back to Cuba with her father who emigrated from there when he was a boy. "It's the creative life I've always wanted." says Brianna. 

"Thanks for being such a special place. It helped encourage and prepare me for this current project that I've wanted to make for years." Check out the pre-production trailer for the documentary on Brianna's vimeo page. We look forward to seeing the finished product!



We're honored to have world-renowned photographer Arthur Meyerson return to Maine Media for his fifth year. His latest book, The Color of Light, is also the title of his workshop running from July 7 to 13. Photographer, collector, and bookstore owner Tim Whelan spent some time with his gorgeous book, and wrote this review for us:

A keen eye for color and light is always a given with Arthur Meyerson's work. But it is his strong sense of design, and knowlege of the right moment that are so apparent in his latest book. Meyerson has worked and played hard at photography for almost four decades. The Color of Light is a rare treat. Seldom does the art and craft of making a book all work perfectly together. The book's design is exceptional, and the quality of its printing high (clearly benefiting from Arthurʼs willingness to fly to China to oversee book production). That he has thought about making this book for years comes through in his careful selection and sequencing of images. Most importantly, every one of the book's 113 images are strong. 

The Color of Light is a book that we can study and learn from. It is a book that inspired me to pick up my camera and see the world with fresh eyes. Over the past few months I have looked at it often, and it just keeps growing on me. I have no doubt that it will remain an important and inspiring book. Arthur has always thought of Ernst Haas as his mentor, and Ernst would love this book.

In additon to the stunning images, The Color of Light also includes essays by Jay Maisel and Sam Abell, as well as a conversation between Arthur and John Paul Caponigro. Sam Abell has a new set of four books out this year as well. Titled The Sam Abell Library: The Photography of Places, it is the first in a series of four multi-volume sets. A highlight of this fortieth summer at The Maine Media Workshops will no doubt be the presentations of Arthur Meyerson & Sam Abell at the Rockport Opera House, and the book signing following them at the gallery. Sam and Arthur are great photographers, teachers, and friends.

Arthur Meyerson The Color of Light is 184 pages, 9 3/4x10 1/2 inches. $80.00.

For more information about buying The Color of Light and many other wonderful hand-picked photography books, please visit Tim Whelan Photographic Books located inside the Maine Media Gallery in Rockport village, or by emailing Tim at

Maine Media Faculty & Alumni Collaborate on Farnsworth Exhibition

Running through September 1 is a new exhibition in the Farnsworth's Julia's Gallery that was produced through a collaboration of efforts by four Maine Media Faculty and Alumni. Stories of the Land and It's People is a year-long arts integration initiative that brings students from Midcoast public schools together with museum educators, professional artists, teachers and community members to tell the story of their community through art. MFA alum and Yo Pho instructor Matt Smolinsky, MFA faculty Charlotte Dixon, workstudy instructor Reid Elem, and teaching assistant Kelsey Floyd teamed up for the project, which is now reaching 240 local students in its second year. "We got involved in this collaboration so that we can offer kids not only a way to express themselves creatively, but also to offer a new approach to learning," says Matt Smolinsky. "By introducing students to photography, and by integrating it into the study of other subjects, we provide them with new skills, and more importantly, new perspectives."

Solo Exhibition for YO Alum

Talented Young Artist alum Olivia Eckerson will have her work exhibited at the Clemens Gallery of the Hingham Public Library in Hingham, MA through May 30. Her series, Envy of Innocence, is a reflection on her own childhood coming to an end, and an attempt to capture its unfettered joy. "In the summer of 2012 I felt very old. I recognized I was growing up and facing the reality of adulthood," says Eckerson."This collection of work was meant to capture the essence of childhood, when life's simple pleasures were endless. In every photograph, there is a bit of my own youth." After spending the past three summers with us here at Maine Media, Eckerson is now gearing up for her next educational leap at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. We can't wait to see where Olivia travels next with her photographic eye!

Jennifer McClure Wins Editor's Choice Award at Review Santa Fe

Congratulations to Jennifer McClure for her Editor's Choice-winning series, Music From A Farther RoomPrimarily shot here at Maine Media during Cig Harvey's The Personal Story workshop, McClure's introspective images were described as "compelling and beautiful" by Vanity Fair's photography director, Susan White, who juried the award. A fine art and documentary photographer based in NYC, McClure turned to self portraiture after a lengthy and isolating illness. "I started my project Music From a Farther Room during Cig Harvey's class at MMW last summer," says McClure. "Cig not only showed me how to bring emotions and ideas to life as photographs, she also gave me a concrete plan on how to continue making work after the class.   I would not have made this project or win the award without her help." 

Cig Harvey will be back at Maine Media this summer, teaching The Personal Story starting on July 7, and Visual Books For Photographers starting on Oct. 6. 

Considering signing up for your very first workshop, but feel intimidated by the gear? Have no fear! Our introductory workshops are designed to put you at ease, and take the mystery out of image-making technology. We'll help you make the most out of your own camera, or you can borrow some fantastic equipment from our Digital Services Department. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable with your tools, so that you can get to work creating beautiful images and telling compelling stories. You might feel green right now, but by the end of your workshop you'll be set up with a foundation of skills that can be built upon for years to come.

We gave the heads of our film and video departments some of your most frequently asked gear fear questions. Here's what they had to say...

I've only ever shot with a point-and-shoot, and don't own a "real" camera. What do I do?

We have tons of great gear available for you to try out. Borrow one of our Canon DSLRs for the duration of your workshop!

Will everyone in my class be bringing their own gear?

Many students bring the equipment they own and want to learn more about, but we have plenty of cameras, lenses, tripods, and flashes for you to borrow.

If I borrow gear, will someone help me learn how to use it?

Our Digital Services Department can help you learn how to use anything that they lend out. You'll also be doing plenty of experimenting in the classroom and on location.

Will I be handicapped if I don't know how to use photo/video editing software?

Being familiar with photo/video editing software is not essential for most introductory classes. But we do offer some great one-day, two-day, and week-long workshops focused on software like Photoshop, InDesign, and Lightroom for anyone who wants to learn more.

I haven't been in a darkroom in 30 years. Do I need to be able to mix chemicals?

Not for an introductory course. When you're ready for the advanced classes, you'll need to be able to mix your own chemicals.

Will Maine Media provide gear to borrow if I take a Destination workshop?

You will need to bring your own gear for workshops held outside of Rockport.

I'm not sure that I'm ready for a week-long workshop. How will I know?

We also offer one and two-day introductory workshops on select weekends throughout the year. Take one of those, and you'll be hooked! 

For a complete list of our introductory workshops, go to our website, select the discipline you are most interested in, and use the search tool to choose "Beginner" workshops.