Peter Turnley's New Book Shows What You're Missing

We’re sorry to tell you that Peter Turnley’s winter and spring Paris workshops are both full. They have always been some of our most popular Destination Workshops. If you missed out on travelling to the City of Light with Peter this year, he’s got a pretty good consolation prize for you. His new book, French Kiss—A Love Letter to Paris celebrates 40 years of photographing intimacy and street life that is uniquely Parisian. Photographer, collector, and bookstore owner Tim Whelan wrote this review for us:

There are still a few spots available in Peter's July and September Paris workshops! To check out Peter’s complete list of 2014 Destination Workshops, CLICK HERE. You can also watch a wonderful interview with him about his new book and his love for Paris on his website at

Peter Turnley has shared his love of photography since he was a teenager. Since then, his travels have taken him to over 90 countries. He has photographed world leaders, wars, famine, and a great deal of human suffering. Paris was his safe haven, a place where he could recharge from the many horrific things he never flinched from. The iconic Parisian photographer Edouard Boubat once told him, “Peter, if you keep your eyes and heart open there is a gift waiting for you at the corner of every street.” Fortunately for us he took these ideas to heart, and worked hard to create many iconic images. He did not put his camera away at the end of an assignment, but would walk the streets of Paris, always looking. With Peter there is always an immediate connection made. He communicated with attention, interest, and eye contact.

Peter Turnley has given us an intimate, classically beautiful, poetic, and keenly seen book on love in Paris. He shares with us 138 black & white photographs made on the streets, riverbanks, and in the cafes and restaurants of his adopted home. The book is 144 pages, 11 1/2 inches wide by 12 inches high, hardbound with French fold dust jacket, and an elegant cloth covered slipcase. This is Peter’s first self-published book. A gutsy undertaking that allowed him the freedom to make it just as he wanted. It marries great images and fine printing with strong design from Laura Lindgren. 40 years of images have given him a lot to choose from, and resulted in interesting sequencing and strong imagery throughout.

This is a timeless book that is in the classic tradition of Cartier- Bresson, Doisneau, Boubat, Kertesz, and Ronis. You may want to buy it soon, as well over half of this slip-cased deluxe limited first edition has sold in the first month of the book’s release! It is sold exclusively from Peter’s Website at: French Kiss-A Love Letter to Paris         

--Tim Whelan