Entering into the last week of July, we have a full spectrum of visual media workshops. Aspiring filmmakers are getting hands-on experience and skills in Directing Episodic TV with Peter Werner. This workshop walks students through the experience of directing high-quality episodic programming by taking a recent network show and breaking down all of the stages from pre-production through shooting and into post-production. In the new course, The Portrait as Doorway to Creativity, with Sean Kernan, students will learn to make authentic portraits by learning to look with their eyes, mind, and heart. This workshop is an intensive investigation into the art of making a penetrating and exciting portrait through investigating and practicing creative photography of people. In Stretching Your Frame of Mind, Joe Baraban helps students strengthen their photographic vision by showing them how to incorporate elements of design and composition into their shots. Baraban demonstrates how adding tension, patterns, perspective negative space, texture, and a vanishing point to the frame will allow students to create powerful and memorable photographs. Our young photographers are also on campus taking workshops like Media Mash Up with Andy & Alex. This new course allows students to explore a variety of artistic mediums including narrative storytelling, photographic technique, filmmaking, graphic and sound design, and way more. Additional workshops range from Digital Media for Teachers with Brandon Koons to Advanced Digital Photography with Alan Vlach and from Feature Film Lighting with Jacek Laskus, ASC, to the new course Shooting the Cinematic Documentary with Sid Levin. For a full schedule of workshops, click here.