If you come here for a workshop this summer, you're likely to meet dozens of talented and creative summer staffers who support our stellar list of world-renowned instructors. You'll also meet our core team who keep the place humming all year long. Last summer, YoPho and Intro to Digital Photography instructor Kari Wehrs made some stunning tin type portraits of our core staff. Click here to check out her work, and learn who we are and what we do. And be sure to introduce yourself when you're here, under the tent. We look forward to meeting you!

Want to learn how to make your own tin type portraits? Check out Brenton Hamilton's Exploring Alternative Processes workshop this July.

Maine Media Alum is Showrunner for Upcoming Oprah's Master Class

Director and producer Annetta Marion took our Directing Episodic Televison workshop in 2011, and recently dropped us a line to fill us in on her latest project. After a decade directing and producing documentary, reality and narrative television as well as narrative film, commercials and music videos, Annetta is now working as the showrunner/supervising producer (and also often segment director) for season 3 of Oprah's Master ClassThe series, which airs on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, profiles entertainment icons including Alicia Keyes, Cindy Crawford, and Tom Brokaw. Tune into her latest episode on Stevie Nicks, which airs on Sunday, March 24 at 10pm. Congratulations, Annetta!

Maine Media photography alum Gary Briechle has just published a striking new monograph, Gary Briechle, with Twin Palms Publishers | Twelvetrees Press. Tim Whelan, owner of Tim Whelan's Photography Books located within the Maine Media Gallery, gives it a great review:

For the past ten years, Gary Briechle has been photographing daily life on the streets of midcoast Maine. Briechle took workshops with Debbie Caffery, Norman Mauskopf, and Andrea Modica. They helped him connect with gifted book maker Jack Woody, the founder of Twin Palms Press,  now recognized as one of the worlds finest photography book publishers. Gary’s brilliant and unflinching photography, and Jack’s exceptional design, sequencing, and editing have crafted a powerful book featuring 65 of Briechle's most stunning photographs. These are tough, beautiful images of Gary’s sons and parents, as well as young people he photographed while driving around the area with his large format camera and darkroom in the back of his car. Photographing in wet plate collodion, the images are intuitive, done with an enthusiasm, and deeply felt. They offer a glimpse into his unique insight and vision. This book reminds me of first seeing the work of Diane Arbus in her Aperture monograph. It is striking, and it will grow on you. The book is printed using two different paper stocks. A matte paper used for some of Gary’s journal extracts, and a high gloss varnish applied to the image area on a black paper that convey the feel of his glass plates. They seem to float on the page.
Signed copies of Gary Briechle are available for $60.00 in the Maine Media Workshops Gallery, or can be ordered by calling 207-763-4192, or emailing


Gabriela Bohm Featured at Maine Jewish Film Festival

Maine Media MFA graduate and filmmaker Gabriela Bohm will be presenting her new documentary, In Raquel's Footsteps, at the 16th annual Maine Jewish Film Festival being held March 9-16 in Portland. Bohm's film tells the story of Raquel Liberman, one of more that 30,000 Jewish women who were lured from Europe into Argentinean prostitution rings run by Jewish criminals.

Join us in welcoming Bohm at a reception prior to the screening at the Maine Historical Society, 489 Congress St., on March 14 at 4:15pm. Bohm will also be part of the Women Filmmakers Forum Panel held on March 10 at the Nickelodeon Cinemas, 1 Temple St., Portland, at 11:30am.

Watch a trailer of In Raquel's Footsteps, and a trailer for other films featured during the Maine Jewish Film Festival.

We've seen that look hundreds of times. It's Saturday, and your workshop has ended.  You've been put through your paces, challenged and encouraged by your instructor and peers. You had your short crisis of faith, followed by a breakthrough that sent you speeding along with your creative drive pegged and your mind reeling with ideas. But now it's time to go home. Sometimes a week is exactly what you need to get moving again. But sometimes it's just not enough. For those of you who want to dive deeper into the creative process, take on more complex projects, or prepare for a professional career, Maine Media has what you need. This year, think about joining us for one of our long-term programs and leverage the reach and connections we've built with renowned professionals, industry giants, and master artists. Whether it's a four-week documentary workshop, a six-week work study, a 12-week residency, a 30-week Professional Certificate, or a three-year MFA degree, our long terms programs will launch you light-years ahead. Our programs are designed to suit every skill level, from novice to master, and are tailored to meet your interests.  Give us a call, and we'll guide you to the program that's right for you.