This is the time of year when our sleepy harbor town is jolted wide awake. In a span of just a few weeks, the population explodes with visitors, all eager to experience Maine in a deeply personal way. As visual storytellers, we seek to explore the personality of the places we visit, and capture images that stay as true to that personality as to our own. Whether your travels bring you to Maine, or farther afield, the key to ensuring that you return home with more than just great memories is to have the right guide. Our Destinations Workshops are led by heavy hitters whose images have graced the pages of National Geographic, Newsweek, Harpers, LIFE, Outside, and The New York Times Magazine. This fall and winter, they'll be journeying to remote villages in Bhutan, Myanmar, Namibia, and Botswana. They'll explore the timeless elegance of Paris and Venice. And closer to home, yet far from the expected, they'll be hunting for fresh perspectives on the Canadian arctic and ghost towns of the old west. If there was ever a year to take an adventure with us, this is it!

 Our instructors, some of the world's best photojournalists, documentarians, and street photographers, know their destinations intimately, and will take you off the beaten path to find unique opportunities for image making. You'll not only gain an insider's perspective on the cultures you visit, but priceless instruction that will propel your work forward and change the way you see the world. That's what happened to university English professor Larry Fink a few years ago, when he sought fresh inspiration for his street photography. Larry wrote to us recently to let us know that The Streets of Paris workshop he took with Peter Turnley four years ago still has a lasting impact on his work. "The workshop exceeded my expectations. I learned new technical skills and approaches, and produced pictures that surprise me," wrote Larry. 

A life-long admirer of the style of street photography pioneered by artists like Cartier-Bresson, Doisneau, and Roni, Larry sought out Peter Turnley's workshop as a link to those masters. "Peter's passion for this art form and his personal relationships with its greatest practitioners make him a priceless resource," Larry told us. "I met and learned from legendary figures responsible for the stature of street photography in the art world today." Larry also honed his ability to interact with and photograph strangers, something many of our students feel apprehensive about, particularly when visiting other cultures. "We had several opportunities to watch Peter shoot and relate to strangers on the street," Larry told us. "Peter loves people and encourages students to portray them with dignity and respect. At the same time, he pushes students to kindly interact with strangers as they record their observations of the human condition in images. It was a challenging, rewarding, and often moving experience." 

Peter will be returning to Paris for his New Year's workshop, as well as leading a trip to in Venice in October. For those of you looking to go even farther afield, be sure to check out the two workshops led by adventure travel photographer and guide Jock Montgomery. In late September, photographer and documentarian Sean Kernan will join him in a journey from Calcutta to Bhutan, exploring busy markets, Buddhist festivals, remote forest passes, as well as the famous Tiger's Nest, the Takstag Monastery perched on a sheer 800m cliff. In November Jock will be joined by National Geographic photographer Mike Yamashita on a two-week adventure across Myanmar, photographing the floating farms and leg-rowing fisherman of Inle Lake, washing elephants at the Green Valley Elephant Camp, and exploring caves filled with thousands of Buddha images. 

We're also really excited about the three new workshops that Arlene Collins will lead this winter. A specialist in documenting remote cultures and changing civilizations, Arlene will take two back-to-back trips to Africa in January. The first will take you to Namibia, on a photographic safari to one of the oldest, driest, and most pristine areas on earth. In addition to witnessing the sunrise over the golden Sossusvlei dunes and big game in spectacular settings, you'll also document the disappearing culture of a remote nomadic Himba tribe. Following that trip, Arlene will travel to Botswana, home to wetlands, deltas, deserts, and the amazing animal species that inhabit them. In February, she'll return to North America to lead the Inuit Arctic Adventure, where the unspoiled arctic landscape will be explored by snowmobile and dogsled, with polar bears, northern lights, and native traditions on the itinerary. 

Each one of our Destination Workshops is an adventure of a lifetime, and there are many more to choose from! Check them out on our website, and then pack your bags for an unforgettable journey. It will be a trip that will stay with you long after you return home.