Alumni News

Maine Media Faculty & Alumni Collaborate on Farnsworth Exhibition

Running through September 1 is a new exhibition in the Farnsworth's Julia's Gallery that was produced through a collaboration of efforts by four Maine Media Faculty and Alumni. Stories of the Land and It's People is a year-long arts integration initiative that brings students from Midcoast public schools together with museum educators, professional artists, teachers and community members to tell the story of their community through art. MFA alum and Yo Pho instructor Matt Smolinsky, MFA faculty Charlotte Dixon, workstudy instructor Reid Elem, and teaching assistant Kelsey Floyd teamed up for the project, which is now reaching 240 local students in its second year. "We got involved in this collaboration so that we can offer kids not only a way to express themselves creatively, but also to offer a new approach to learning," says Matt Smolinsky. "By introducing students to photography, and by integrating it into the study of other subjects, we provide them with new skills, and more importantly, new perspectives."

Solo Exhibition for YO Alum

Talented Young Artist alum Olivia Eckerson will have her work exhibited at the Clemens Gallery of the Hingham Public Library in Hingham, MA through May 30. Her series, Envy of Innocence, is a reflection on her own childhood coming to an end, and an attempt to capture its unfettered joy. "In the summer of 2012 I felt very old. I recognized I was growing up and facing the reality of adulthood," says Eckerson."This collection of work was meant to capture the essence of childhood, when life's simple pleasures were endless. In every photograph, there is a bit of my own youth." After spending the past three summers with us here at Maine Media, Eckerson is now gearing up for her next educational leap at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. We can't wait to see where Olivia travels next with her photographic eye!