Tom Pierce is an award winning videographer, director, editor, and engineer, from Freeport, Maine. Over the past 29 years, Tom has traveled the globe, working on internationally aired documentary and sports programming, including films for National Geographic, the PBS Science Series NOVA, CBS Sunday Morning, The History Channel, Turner Original Productions, The Major League Baseball Network and the Winter Olympic Games for NBC. Tom has also worked for Dr. Robert Ballard, discover of the Titanic, on the Oceanographic research vessels “Oceanos Explorer” and “Nautilus”, in the Mediterranean, Hawaii, Guam and in Indonesia, filming the ocean depths as a Remotely Operated Vehicle “ROV” camera operator and broadcast engineer.  Tom also works as Technical Director for CSP Mobile Productions, in Saco, Maine, working on Live Network Sports and Entertainment programs, on a fleet of 5 Mobile Production Studios, as Engineer In Charge.  Tom also shares his craft teaching Digital Media Production at Maine Media Workshops, in Rockport Maine, and Southern Maine Community College.

You can see some of Tom's work at: