Tom Donohue is an EMMY-nominated filmmaker with 30 years experience in filmmaking including creating broadcast documentaries for such clients as National Geographic Television, The Discovery Channel, and PBS. His assignments have taken him from the war-torn streets of Afghanistan to Central American rainforests in search of jaguars. Tom’s approach to filmmaking is holistic: He produces, shoots, writes and edits his own films. Not only does this method provide an intimacy with the subject, but each step of the filmmaking process informs and compliments the others. 
Tom founded Cinewright Workshops to explore world cultures while learning documentary filmmaking techniques. Tom led MMW's first video workshop to Cuba since the normalizing of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The workshop's resulting film has been invited to premiere at The CinePobre International Film Festival in Cuba. Tom splits his time between Washington, DC and Montreal, Canada. He speaks fluent French and Spanish and has a working use of Italian and Thai. 
Tom's has taught at Maine Media Workshops since 2002.

Tom's Upcoming Schedule

India in Motion

Feb 16 - Mar 4 2018

An Open Door to Cuba

Apr 7 - Apr 22 2018