Taylor McIntosh is a freelance photographer and filmmaker based out of Maine. His work, both still and moving, lies somewhere within the realm of Documentary. Along with shooting in the majority of the US, he has also traveled to Haiti and Guatemala. In 2011 McIntosh won "Best Experimental" for Ella in the Lewiston/ Auburn Film Festival, the following year he also won "Best Documentary" for AmongTrees. His still images have shown in numerous galleries across Maine. 

McIntosh has a degree in Film Production from Keene State College and is currently attending the University of Colorado Boulder as a graduate student.  In Colorado he studies both film and photography together while also working as a teaching assistant.


Taylor's Upcoming Schedule

Young Extreme Sport Filmmakers

Jul 16 - Jul 29 2017

Young Nonfiction Storytellers

Jul 30 - Aug 12 2017