Steve Sint has spent his professional life looking at the world through a camera lens. Over a 35-year career, he has photographed over 1 million portraits, taken over 2 million photographs, and shot over 4,000 weddings. One might say he has spent a lot of time going “down the aisle backwards!” He has also created images for national ads, catalogs, and many thousands of executive portraits. His photographs have graced the covers of Life, Omni, Modern Photography, and Stereo Review and dozens of other magazines.  Steve has authored articles for most major photographic magazines and five books on photography. His last book, Digital Portrait Photography: Art, Business, and Style (release date: January, 2009), is in its fifth printing and has received extremely positive reviews in the photographic press and from readers. When reviewing his portrait book, Bob Krist wrote: “What makes this book so valuable is how this consummate pro distills the essence of his vast store of knowledge and makes it understandable and accessible to photographers of all skill levels. In his easy, readable style, Sint takes us through a myriad of picture situations, sharing his approach, techniques, and equipment tips so we gain real insight, as well as nuts and bolts information, on how he creates the fresh, lively, and exquisitely-lit portraits that are his trademark." In his latest book, Digital Wedding Photography: Art, Business, and Style (release date: June, 2011), he shares his experience with his readers in “a breezy, humorous style that easily converts complex themes into understandable concepts.” Currently, he limits his shooting assignments to less than 100 per year, writes books, blogs on his website, lectures, and leads professional photography workshops at the Maine Media Workshops and the Adorama Camera Learning Center.

What Steve’s students have said:

“I have never learned so much on any one topic in one week at any point in my life. It is truly “immersion” in a field you love, led by a world-class instructor, what an amazing opportunity!” R.C.

“Steve was great! He brought a wealth of knowledge and gave very fair and honest critiques. He spent time on the areas that students needed” S.C.

“Steve covers everything so well! He has the ability to meet you where you are and make you better. I never felt rushed or bad about my abilities.” Anonymous

“Some people can do, some people can teach – Steve can do both – and he’s willing to share his warehouse of knowledge” A.B.

“Steve – you’re incredible! My head is still spinning from everything you’ve shared with us. You are very motivating and your teaching style is fun and enjoyable – there is never a dull moment!" Anonymous

“Steve – you are amazing!!! You have really helped me with a better understanding of the technical aspects of camera use, more efficient use of time with subjects, and enlightened me with tools for better lighting practices.” K.M.

“Steve – Wow! I got so much from this workshop. Thank you so much. You are a wonderful, generous, man.” J.L.

“This workshop was seriously amazing. I’m daunted and inspired by the craft. You pushed the frontier way back for me, Thank you.” M.B.