Roger Scott began animating in high school where he produced several animated films with his trusted Bell and Howell 8mm movie camera and a 2x4 constructed animation stand. His sisters tell stories of their indentured servitude blowing bubbles for sound effects recording sessions. His professional life in animation began in 1974 painting on a Lifesaver commercial, and by the fall of that year he was employed as a staff animator. He worked with very early computer animation and has written software when commercially available products were lacking. In addition to animation, he has worked on special effects production for television, interactive media, and the web, computer graphics and archival printing, toy design, sculpture, mold making and casting, photography, videography, illustration, painting and design, computer programming, set design, musical composition, songwriting, script writing and directing. He has provided creative services to IBM, CBS, NBC, ABC, Columbia Pictures, Colgate Palmolive, Ementhaler Cheese, NJ Devils, Sears, RCA, Galoob, Fisher Price, Mattel, Matchbox, Hasbro, Olympus, Prentice Hall, FAO Schwartz, And Huffy Bicycles as well as many others.