Rick Manoogian lives in Marlborough, Massachusetts. He has extensive editing experience as evidenced in his resume:

Editor - Selected Work

NOVA – Making Stuff Cleaner: Editor for WGBH/PBS and Powderhouse Productions.
New York Times Tech columnist David Pogue hosts this 4-part series showcasing innovations in Material Sciences.
Producer: Gary Glassman, Director: David Huntley, Executive Producer: Chris Schmidt
Executive Producer for WGBH/NOVA: Paula Apsell, 2011.

This New House:
Editor for This Old House Productions/DIY Network.
Editor for 13 part series showcasing the latest innovations in home building.
Producer: Thomas Draudt, Executive Producer: David Vos, 2010.

Alaska: Most Extreme: Editor for Discovery Channel.
Living and working in the 49th state is not for the faint of heart, as seen in this one- hour documentary for Discovery’s Alaska Week.
Producer: David Huntley, 2009.
What is a Heart: Editor for Phenomenarts, Inc.
This half-hour documentary follows the inception, rehearsal and performance of composer Christopher Janney’s master work which deftly combines dance, music, and science.
Director: Ted Bogosian, Producer: Christopher Janney, 2010.

Nascar in Primetime:
Editor for ABC News.
This five-part series is a behind the scenes look at the world of NASCAR race drivers.
Producers: Michael Bix, Megan Reilly.  Executive Producer: Rudy Bednar, 2007.

Marathon Challenge:  Editor for PBS NOVA/WGBH.
Editor for one-hour documentary following the lives of twelve novice runners who
attempt the Boston Marathon.
Producers: Julia Cort, Daniel McCabe.  Executive Producer: Paula Apsell, 2007.

Alaska’s Extreme Machines:
Writer and Editor for National Geographic.
A 100-ton mobile oil rig, a sea-going factory, and the strongest tug in the U.S. merchant fleet take on all Alaska has to offer in this installment of Nat Geo’s MAN MADE series.
Producer: David Huntley, 2009.

Build It Bigger
, Editor - Discovery Channel.
From tanks to tall buildings, engineering at its most extreme.
Producer: Chris Schmidt, Powderhouse Productions, 2007.

America’s Ballroom Challenge:
Editor for five-part PBS series.
This five-part series is one of the longest running shows on PBS.
Producer: Aida Moreno, 2008.

Tougher in Alaska:
Editor for History.
This 13-part series follows host Geo Beach as he gets his hands dirty fishing for salmon,
wiring a village, and digging for gold.
Producer: Dennis Kleinman.  Executive Producer: David Huntley, 2009.

Abstinence Comes to Albuquerque: Editor for half-hour documentary for PBS/Stuart Television Productions. This documentary investigates the effectiveness of the federally funded
Abstinence-Only program taught in the Albuquerque  public school system.
Producer: Charles Stuart, 2008.

Hellen Keller Had It Easy, Associate Editor for documentary chronicling the life of a
woman losing her sight and hearing, but not her dignity.
Producer: Lisa Olivieri, Executive Producer: David Sutherland, 2006.

Misunderstood Minds, Editor for two-hour documentary for PBS/WGBH.
This documentary tells the stories of five children with learning disabilities, tracking their academic difficulties, their emotional ups and downs, and charting solutions for overcoming their disabilities.
Producers: Michael Kirk, Marina Kalb,  Kirk Documentary Group/WGBH, 2000.

Hineini: Coming Out in a Jewish High School
, Associate Editor for independent  documentary. This is the story of one student's battle to found a gay-straight alliance at a Jewish high school  and the impact of her struggle on her peers, her rabbi, and her community.
Director: Irena Fayngold, Producer: Keshet, 2005.

Yoga for the Rest of Us: Back Care Basics, Editor -PBS/WGBH Lifestyles.
This half hour hour documentary  shows how yoga can be  a powerful
anti-dote to back pain, and aging in general.
Producer: Laurie Donelly, WGBH, 2006

A Hot Dog Program, Editor for one-hour PBS documentary.
From Coney Island on the Fourth of July to Anchorage, Alaska at the start of the Iditarod, this whimsical portrait of America is a culinary cruise of some of the funkiest hot dog places around.
Producer:  Rick Sebak, WQED, 1999.

Destination Space, Editor for two-hour National Geographic Explorer.
Continued exploration of space requires the development and utilization of cutting edge technologies. From mining asteroids for water to manned exploration of Mars, this special showcases those men and women bent on reaching beyond our terrestrial home.
Producer:  John Rubin, Rubin Tarrant Productions/WETA, 2000.

Great Old Amusement Parks, Editor for one-hour PBS documentary.
This documentary is a summertime escape to  some of America’s oldest and most
charming amusement parks.
Producer:  Rick Sebak, WQED, 1999.

Legendary Lighthouses, Editor for North Atlantic and South Atlantic
episodes of six-part PBS series.  These programs travel to a time when lighthouses were all that stood between ocean-going vessels and America’s rugged coastline.
Producers:  John Grant, Jack McDonald, Driftwood Productions/WPSX, 1998.

An Ice Cream Show, Editor for one-hour PBS documentary.
This off-beat program travels from Vermont to Hawaii to explore a uniquely American passion through the eyes of ice cream makers and eaters alike.
Producer:  Rick Sebak, WQED, 1995.
America's Cup:  War in the Wind, Associate Editor for one-hour
PBS documentary.
This chronicle of the 1995 America’s Cup Races, follows the PACT 95 syndicate and their sleek yacht Young America as they attempt to fend off opponents in one of sport’s oldest contests.
Producer:  Ted Bogosian, WGBH, 1995.

Life by the Numbers
, Editor for Seeing is Believing, The Numbers         
Game, and Shape of the World episodes of six-part PBS series.
With rich visual texture, these programs celebrate mathematics - the fabric that binds together geography, art, and sport.
Producer:  Joe Seamans, WQED, 1997.

The Strip Show
, Editor for 90 minute PBS documentary.
This neighborhood tour of the produce yards, churches, and nightclubs of Pittsburgh’s Strip District shows a vanishing part of America’s urban landscape – a place without fast food restaurants, strip malls, or national chains.
Producer:  Rick Sebak, WQED, 1995.

Lost Treasures of Christianity:  The Ancient Monuments
Editor for half-hour PBS documentary.
This program travels to Asia Minor and the dawn of Christianity, where sixth century Armenian cathedrals challenge the notion that Europeans first developed the unsupported arch and vaulted dome.
Producer:  Ted Bogosian, Bogosian Productions/WGBH, 1998.

Winner, Emmy Award Individual Achievement in Editing,
Mid-Atlantic Region 1996-97.

Boston University                 
Bachelor of Sciences, Broadcast/Film - 1988            
Bachelor of Arts, History – 1988