Rich Underwood's directorial and photographic career has taken him from photojournalist, documentary filmmaker, feature film director of photography to short subject filmmaker and television commercial director. His work has consistently garnished national and international acclaim.

Infusing humanity with graphic structure, Rich creates nuanced stories that are arresting and provocative. Stories which live in the viewers mind long after the fade to black. His imagery is informed by bespoke research yet pinned by these core elements.

As a storyteller, his documentary background shines through. There is a natural logic, admittedly skewed by Rich's midwestern perception of the narrative journey. Capturing truth and honesty in an unreal situation is one of the hallmarks evident in the characters he directs.

With work that spans the breadth of visual media, Rich has lensed assignments around the globe from Paris to Beijing, LA to London, New York to Frankfurt, Rich's eye for the heart of a concept brings back unique and lasting productions time after time.

That consistency in visual storytelling has linked him to the best and brightest in the business and brought top productions and clients to his lens. Clients like Blue Cross, Nissan, Infinity, Singer, NCR, American Airlines, Marriott, Qualcomm, Gateway and many others.

The productions Rich helms also tend to bring accolades to cast, crew and executives with a who's who of international festival gold from the Chicago International Film Festival, International Film and Television Festival of New York, Houston International Film Festival, Addys, Cine Golden Eagle, Los Angeles Belding, Emmy Awards and NAPTE's Iris Award to name a few.

Rich's influence on the industry does not end at the lens. He designed the Birdcage Lantern manufactured and sold globally by Chimera Lighting. He authored the highly acclaimed book Roll!, published by Focal Press and used in seminars and universities around the world. He continues to inspire the next generation of filmmakers as Adjunct Professor of Television Film and New Media at San Diego State University.

From kings to commoners, clients to boom operators - Rich's easy going style on set pulls everyone into the fold, involving them in his process as the circus of production takes shape.

"Making each project enjoyable creates an environment where every frame can be remarkable." – Rich Underwood