Ray Van Dusen has been actively involved in many aspects of photography for over 30 years. As a fine art 

photographer with an MFA degree, Ray has exhibited in numerous exhibitions here in North America as well 

as Europe. He has been awarded many grants for his work, pieces of which are held in a number of public 

and private collections. In his commercial work, he has photographed for the gamut of industry from banks 

to airlines to hotels to large manufacturers as well as architects and designers. 


Ray’s photographic passion is the built environment, both architectural and cultural, something he regularly 

indulges in his frequent and wide ranging travels. 


Ray is also a professor in the Professional Photography program at Dawson College, where he specializes 

in digital imaging as well as the creative process. This is Ray's tenth year of teaching at the Workshops 

where he is known not only for this broad expertise but also for his structured exercise approach, his sense 

of humor and particularly his dedication to demystifying the complexities of digital imaging technologies.