Born in Turin, Italy, in 1961, Paolo Torchio came to Kenya in 1990. A keen photographer since childhood, he was immediately captivated by the African wildlife and wilderness areas: he has lived and worked in Kenya ever since. During this time, Paolo has traveled widely in Kenya, and other parts of Africa as well, including Madagascar. Entirely self-taught, and now using digital equipment, his photographs and articles documenting animal, bird and insect life have appeared regularly in Swara, the quarterly magazine of the East African Wild Life Society (EAWLS), where they are seen all over the world. Since 2005, Paolo has served on the Swara Editorial Committee. Photography aside, he has played an active role in various wildlife conservation projects in Kenya, often in association with the Kenya Wildlife Service. Paolo is adamant that photography, through helping to publicize the plight facing some of Africa’s threatened species and habitats, has a decisive role to play in securing their long-term conservation. His passion for wildlife and photography is combined with patience, an exceptional eye for capturing the moment, as well as an unusual and highly creative approach. His extremely varied work demonstrates his talents for technical precision with all lengths of lens (including macro), colour and composition, behavioural observation, detail, and even humour! He is always looking at the photographic potential in his surroundings. Even when in the most seemingly ordinary place, he says, “I don’t know how people can say there’s nothing to take a photo of!” Some of his most remarkable shots have been taken in National Parks, but many of them have also been taken in his own back garden, in Nairobi. Paolo’s work has appeared in prestigious wildlife magazines, such as Oasis, in his native Italy, for which he compiled a feature on The World’s Biggest Ever Translocation of Elephants in 2005, as well as Kenyan wildlife and travel magazines, including Travel News, Kenya Birding, and About Kenya. In 2006 he was declared Overall Winner of the East African Photographer of the Year Award. The East African Wild Life Society’s 2007 calendar featured his work exclusively. His image of impala, Sun and Fog, was judged in Tokyo to be included in the Nikon Calendar for 2009.