© Magdalena SoléMagdalena Solé is an award-winning social documentary photographer. Whether richly saturated or time worn, Magdalena uses color to encapsulate a range of feelings. She is known for her sensitive expressions of culture through distinctive color artistry. Visual language has been her life’s work. In 1989 she founded TransImage, a graphic design studio with offices in New York City and San Francisco. In 2002 she graduated with a Masters of Fine Art in Film from Columbia University. Her last film, “Man On Wire”, on which she was the Unit Production Manager, won an Academy Award Oscar in 2009.

Her projects span the globe. Her work in Japan includes: “Kamagasaki” — a photo documentary on the shunned elderly day laborers of Japan, and “After the Water Receded”, an exploration of the aftermath of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

Currently she is working on a book on Cuba: “Hasta Siempre”, a photographic journey of a country on the brink of change.

Solé’s work has been shown internationally in over 20 exhibitions, including 16 solo presentations. An important part of Solé’s practice as a photographer includes making limited
edition artist’s books. Solé teaches photo workshops and lectures internationally on photography. 
Born in Spain, and raised in Switzerland, she arrived in New York City in 1984,  where she lived with her family until she recently resettled to the deep countryside of Vermont.
She speaks seven languages.
Currently she is working on a book on Cuba: “Hasta Siempre”, a photographic journey of a country on the brink of change, as well as on a project titled: “The Hinterlands” documenting out-of-the-way communities and places in Japan and the US.