Lindsay Foster is a Los Angeles based artist, who received her MFA from California Institute of the Arts in May. She is originally from Seattle WA, grew up in Zionsville, Indiana, received her BA in Comparative Sociology from University of Puget Sound, and went on to study photography at the Maine Photographic Workshops. She currently teaches at Venice Arts and during the summers at the Maine Media Workshops. She has recently shown work at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, AIR Gallery, Angels Gate Cultural Center, Kontainer Gallery and The Torrance Art Museum.

I am interested in exploring the space between-the ambiguities of interacting, connecting and communicating. I pull inspiration from daily life and am interested in our collective sociality-the space where "I" ends and "other" begins. I attempt to shift the notion of "I" as individual to a relational "I"-viable through relationships with others. Consequently emphasis is placed on understanding multiple subjectivities and practicing reciprocity. The desire to overhaul alienation and complacency through consciousness and civic engagement is a central theme in my work.