Leland Krane is a New York based Local 600 ICG Director of Photography with over twenty years of experience in film and television. He moves from operating cameras on major TV productions, The Americans, Bull, Luke Cage, High Maintenance to shooting smaller budget shows for History, Discovery, Comedy Central. In the last five years he has directed reenactment shows for Investigation Discovery, as well as American Hero’s Channel. He shoots and/or directs promos and commercials which air in the US, Europe and on-line. Leland’s feature cinematography credits include more then a dozen films with stars such as academy award winning actress Melissa Leo, Elizabeth Banks, Frank Vincent, Dabney Coleman, Vincent Pastore, Ali Larter. From carrying sandbags and cable to lensing movies he has always believed talent is not enough,hard work and perseverance are far more important than gear, but solid connections earned through work are paramount.