Karen Kasmauski is the co-owner and photographer for Little Black Dog Productions.  Her most recent major project, in 2009, was a grant for Getty Images to explore the changing mission of a grass roots non-profit organization in Tennessee.  In 2008 she photographed and co-managed Nurse: A World of Care, a global look at the role of nursing.  This large format book, produced for Emory University, was nominated for a 2009 Pulitzer in Community Service.  Karen has developed a variety of media projects for NGOs.  She also writes columns for Nikon World and Rotary International, and serves on the boards of Advertising Photographers of America of DC, the Global Community Service Foundation, and the International Conservation and Education Fund.  As a contract photographer for National Geographic Magazine, Karen produced and photographed 26 major stories on six continents.  She has photographed for a wide variety of editorial and corporate clients, with work appearing in print, online and multi-media formats.  Her photographs have been exhibited at the National Geographic Museum, the Carter Center, the Centers for Disease Control, the Smithsonian and the Newseum.