From 1999 to 2003, Josh worked for Chedd-Angier Productions in Boston helping to produce the PBS series Scientific American Frontiers, as well as documentaries and exhibits for museums around the world. Recently, Josh has been part of Camden Maine's Compass Light Productions, editing shows for broadcast HD television.  His work has aired on Discovery, Animal Planet, PBS, and The Science Channel. Josh is now the series editor of the critically acclaimed series Sunrise Earth for Discovery HD Theater. He's currently editing 'LIFE v2.0' an hour-long HD special for The Science Channel. This show is the result of long-term access to the team of legendary geneticist J. Craig Venter, as Venter attempts to design and build microbial life from scratch.

Josh's career in film has brought him across six continents and 11 countries. After earning his bachelor’s degree in Documentary Arts from Colorado College, he lived and worked in Alaska, Utah, Massachusetts and New Zealand. He currently resides in Maine.