Jook Leung Photo By: Dan EldridgeJook Leung is internatuonally recognized as an innovator in spherical panoramic photogrpahy. 

In a rare achievement, he was presented with his third consecutive Fujifilm Masterpiece Award for photographic excellence for his outstanding 360 degree panoramas by the International Association of Panoramic Photographers (IAPP).

Jook's experience spans 30 years as a commercial photographer in NYC and in Englewood, NJ. He has been specializing in 360 degree panoramas for the last 14 years. 

His most stunning images are usually urban landscapes inside a 360 defree panoramic bubble. There he reveals unseen narratives while also seeking an intimacy with the subjects in full context with its surroundings. He puts the viewer right in the middle of it. The choice of camera lens for this continuous perspective is ultra wide, usually several fisheye images are merged together to create a continuous 360 degree view.

Jook Leung's 360 degree Virtual Reality images are visually vivid and uniquely conceptual. His strong sense for color, lighting and compositions are evident in his 360VR work. Experience what he saw, felt and heard as a 360 observer. His website for his 360 degree panoramic images is contact email: