I am most famous for creating Mystery Science Theater 3000. If you’re interested in the history of MST3K, I’d check  the wiki, or better yet, here.

I perform movie riffing live with the original cast from MST3K in the form of  Cinematic  Titanic. This year we finish up six years of live touring which concludes January 1. It’s been fantastic with over 100 live shows and meeting over 40,000 friends and fans after the shows. My sincerest thanks to all the wonderful people who showed up and made the scene.

Here are some of the more interesting interviews I’ve done at artofthetitle.com,nerdist.com and thisamericanwifepodcast.com.

My charity of choice is twentywonder.org which is an event created by my brother Jim, and which benefits people born with Downs Syndrome in greater Los Angeles. Billed as “A Carnival of the Mind” it’s the largest fundraiser of its kind, and for a shimmering night in Los Angeles every summer it’s the creative center of the universe – please support it if you can.

I also teach classes/seminars in movie riffing and enjoy it very much: a nice primer on my class and survey of the current state of movie riffing is here in the New York Times.

 I appear with my old buddy Jerry Seinfeld in an episode of “Comedians in Cars getting Coffee.”I feel it’s a pretty good portrait of what it’s really like when we get together, except, I usually don’t drink coffee.

I also did a brief cameo in the new season of Arrested Development! And yes, that’s really my voice recorded recently in Philadelphia and then transposed onto an old silhouette of me and the bots culled from an early MST3K. Then later, those elements were then matted onto a brand new Arrested Development. –  Meta !

I am voicing the character of “Mayor Bill Dewey” in an upcoming episode of Rebecca Sugar’s beautiful new cartoon on Cartoon Network “Steven Universe” though I don’t know when. Check the Cartoon Network website to find out more.

I am also the “creative lead for media” for an aerospace company called Cannea.com – I kid you not.

Also, too, I started touring with my first “one man show” titled “Riffing Myself” and I’ve had so much fun – thanks to all who “made the scene” this past year in Seattle, Minneapolis, Souix Falls, LA, Chicago, Austin, Dallas, Philadelphia, Tuscon, and Rochester!

Rave on!