Jim Nickelson is a photographer specializing in landscape, nature, abstract and night photography in the square format. His interest in the beauty and complexity of the natural world drives his work and he often explores the edges found in nature --- the edge between land and sea, sea and sky, day and night, and between one season and the next. His work also examines the passage of time as well as the shapes and forms of the natural world.

Jim works full time as a fine art photographer and custom digital printer (as Nickelson Editions) and  teaches workshops on photography and digital printing both privately and through Maine Media Workshops. Before committing himself to the photographic life, he pursued the classic artistic career path of NASA engineer and corporate lawyer. Jim makes his home in Camden, Maine, with his amazing wife and daughter.

Jim has received numerous awards and exhibited widely, including in museums or galleries such as the Photo Resource Center at Boston University (Boston, MA), Danforth Museum of Art (Framingham, MA), Center for Maine Contemporary Art (Rockport, ME), University of Maine Museum of Art (Bangor, ME), Bates College Museum of Art (Lewiston, ME), Three Columns Gallery at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA), VoxPhotographs (Portland, ME), Davis Orton Gallery (Hudson, NY), Center for Photographic Art (Carmel, CA), Preston Contemporary Art Center (Mesilla, NM), Ten High Street Gallery (Camden, ME), Jonathan Frost Gallery (Rockland, ME), Gallery Photographica (San Francisco), and Silvermine Guild Galleries (New Canaan, CT).

Jim's work resides in corporate, public, and private collections across the United States.



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