At Nik Software Inc. in San Diego, California, Janice Wendt has a variety of responsibilities.  As Education and Training Manager she is the link between Nik Software and foremost photographic talent for product education. In addition, she has become one of the industry’s most respected and leading retouch and image enhancement artists. She is often “training the trainers” on numerous techniques related to digital photography.  She can also be found working with top photographic schools around the country working with faculty to create new curriculum to advance digital imaging.

Janice spends much of her time creating new educational materials that cover the digital capture process, digital workflow. She offers a practical view of retouching that features alternative, time saving techniques for both the professional and beginning photographer.

Janice is an experienced commercial and portrait photographer with over 30 years of experience. Her photographic and retouching work can be found in leading photographic magazines.

Janice Wendt speaking accomplishments include, Imaging USA, Santa Fe Workshops, Palm Beach Photo Workshops, West Coast School, Long Island Workshop, Florida School, Photographic Society of America, Ohio State PPA and Texas State PPA Convention.