James Ruddy, film and television director, has been creating, producing and directing award-winning film and television programs and television spots for the past twenty-five years. His client list includes ABC, AMC Jeep, AT&T, Bendix Aerospace, Coca Cola, DeLorme, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, GE, Mercedes Benz NA, Polaroid, PBS, Paramount Pictures, Fiat GMBH, Fidelity Investments, Fortis International, Ryder Truck, UNUM, United Technologies, Kodak, Unisys, Warner Brothers, The Smithsonian, Spelling Films, SPRINT, NewsCorp, MBNA, BigChalk.com, The Tony Robbins Organization.... Some past and current projects include: production of BEHIND-THE-SCENES film of THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER; production of BTS of Mel Gibson's film THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE; BTS production of Stephen King's THINNER; production of a series of national PSA's dealing with children and violence; production of a corporate image film for the internationally-renowned Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute; production of an award-winning product image film for the Wild Blueberry Association of North America; production of a nationally distributed educational music video for Fidelity Investments; production of a series of video programs and shows for Fortis; the production of a series of infomercials and live shows for The Tony Robbins Organization; the production of a series of regional TV commercials for Central Maine Power Company; production of a new product promotional video for Sprint Multimedia; production of a music video for Fidelity Investments Funds Network; production of a series of promotional film spots for WGME-TV; production of TAPESTRY demonstration film for Kodak; production of a series of promotional videos for DeLorme Mapping Company; production of a marketing and recruitment film for NewsCorp; production of a series of commercials and films for MBNA; production of a promo video for BigChalk.com.