"When we live our lives things happen. My intent is always to connect a thread from my life's experiences to my work. It’s the conversation that I have with the rest of the world". As a kid I received a 3 year scholarship to the MFA Boston; it changed my life. Later I taught nights at Franklin Institute in Boston and made time to study with Mel Hookailo, Jay Maisel and the great Arnold Newman. I have been working as an independent, professional still photographer for thirty years. My primary client base is the American corporation (that includes health care, educational entities, manufacturers, software developers, insurers, consultants and publishers). I have photographed hundreds if not thousands of campaigns and shot my way around the world several times on behalf of US businesses. One project took me to Nike, Mellon Bank, BMW, British Air and The Bank of China. I guess you could say that I am a veteran contributor to all sorts of publications, advertising launches and websites. During the eighties I managed the photography services department at Wang Labs (remember them, they were the Giant of the times). That was living in the center of a hurricane. My staff and I (19 shooters, producers and support crew) pushed out countless world-class images. We all learned the art of production and how to come away with powerful imagery, under intense pressure, fast. Most of those talented photographers and producers have gone on to amazing careers. My job is to create strong, visually intelligent photographs every time. These days I am a hit and run type of shooter. Look at my website and you will see what I mean. My clients ask for great value in return for their trust. My work is about a blend of art and commerce, light and intent. It's leaving every subject with a feeling of empowerment. They know that they gave willingly and nothing was taken away. It's serious business but it's also a smile and handshake. "We all possess a glimmer, an intangible quality that can only exist inside. If we feel or don’t feel, observe or look away, that’s who we are. It's as simple as a concept that says, Live here and now, and as complex as the resurrection of the soul."