Gary Knight's entry into photojournalism began as a bid to fulfill his idealistic and romantic impulses and escape what he saw as the monotony of life in middle-class England during the Thatcher years.

In the late 1980’s and the early 1990’s, he made Southeast Asia his home and embarked on a portrayal of the internecine warfare within a region coming to terms with the end of the Cold War. By 1993 he had moved to the former Yugoslavia and became immersed in the subject that would come to dominate his photography during that period; that of documenting the effects of war on civilian populations.

After pioneering the launch of the VII Photo Agency in September 2001, Knight followed the development of events in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. He was one of only a few non-embedded photographers covering the invasion of Iraq alongside the U.S. Marines.

His work is widely published by magazines worldwide, exhibited globally, in the collections of several museums and private collectors and has been the recipient of numerous high profile awards. Knight has initiated a broad education program with Universities and NGO’s principally focused on educating young people from developing economies.

In June 2008, Knight launched a new quarterly magazine, dispatches, a cutting edge single-issue journal which examines the greatest global challenges of our time.  In each edition, dispatches focuses on one crucial issue.

Knight is the founder of the Angkor Photo Festival, a board member of the Crimes of War Foundation, a trustee of the Indochina Media Memorial Foundation, Juror and past Chairman of the World Press Photo Award, Chairman of the StopTB Partnership Advisory Board, permanent member of the Frontline Club Award jury and a contract photographer for Newsweek Magazine.

Gary Knight is on sabbatical with a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University for 2009 - 2010.