© Gary BraaschGary Braasch, a Nikon “Legend” and recipient of the Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography, has been an assignment photographer for magazines including Smithsonian, Audubon, Scientific American, Natural History and Time/Life since 1980. He holds a masters degree in Journalism from Northwestern University, and has photographed and written on environmental issues worldwide. Recent assignments have taken Gary from Antarctica to the Peruvian Amazon, the South Pacific Ocean and the Himalayas. In 2007 he published his master work on Climate Change, Earth Under Fire: How Global Warming is Changing the World, which is now an ebook, updated in 2009. His latest is a 2012 App about climate change for the iPad and iPhone.  His portfolios can be seen at  www.braaschphotography.com and www.worldviewofglobalwarming.org

From one of Gary's students:

"It was an important experience to work with Gary Braasch"
— Brian Bonometh, Zurich, Switzerland