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Eileen Rafferty believes in making meaningful work and discovering something new every day. She is an artist who combines her lifelong study of photography with digital technology to create mixed media, video and photographs. Based on ideas of memory, photographic history and visual culture, her work fuses archival imagery with modern technology to reposition the past into the present

Eileen worked as a freelance photographer, educator and digital technician in the Washington, D.C. area. She was also a custom darkroom printer for clients including National Geographic, The Kennedy Center and the Smithsonian.

Her materials include cameras of any sort, 8mm film, video, family photographs, photo illustrations or images born from her writing or the stories in her head. She also likes old typewriters, unexpected love letters, the Big Dipper and airplane windows.

Eileen currently lives in Missoula, Montana where she makes photographs, teaches, has a consulting business, runs a magazine called Butterflies and Anvils, and searches for all life's big and little answers. She has a BS in Physiology and an MFA in Photography/Film.