Daniel is a Maine-based film and television editor whose work spans from documentaries to stop-motion animation. After graduating from the Electronic Arts Program at Missouri State University, Daniel began editing commercials in St.Louis for Crocs and Master Card, as well editing the sports television show, Cardinals Insider. In 2006, he moved to Boston to assist renowned Brazilian editor Daniel Rezende on the feature documentary Captive Beauty. In 2008, he worked with the Integrative Medicine Foundation, an NGO in NYC, to create a short film on traditional healers in Uganda.

Daniel just finished editing the feature documentary Language of America, a film about language loss & re-acquisition among Native American Tribes in New England. In addition to editing documentaries, Daniel devotes a lot of time writing, developing, animating and editing stop-motion animation films. Apart from teaching FCP at the Maine Media Workshops, Daniel is currently the Assistant Manager of Post Production.