As a Boston-based documentary filmmaker and editor, Ben loves to make films that raise awareness about social causes. He produced and edited a documentary for WGBH about the pros and cons of competition, and worked with his students on another WGBH short about global warming's effects on New England fishing. He worked on camera, sound, editing, and research for a feature-length documentary, Traces of the Trade, which opened the POV season in 2008.  He has produced awareness-raising short pieces on time banks, local currencies, immigration, and climate change, and cut the trailers for the 2009 and 2010 Boston Jewish Film Festivals.
Ben has taught creative technology (filmmaking, graphic and web design, animation, digital music) to high school students for over 10 years.  He has been a student or teaching assistant in most of MMW's film workshops, and has taught the Film & Video Teachers Workshops for the past few years.  He holds a Masters in Documentary Film from Goddard College.

Ben's Upcoming Schedule

Film & Video Teachers Workshop

Jul 31 - Aug 6 2016