There are talented designers, and there are great marketing professionals. Ari is that rare bird that excels at both. He works closely with Naretiv Partner Mark Benjamin in figuring out clients’ best stories, 

And Ari takes the lead when telling those stories calls for crisp, modern design, or sharp marketing and advertising campaigns.  He has extensive experience working successfully with premier Maine-based brands such as LL Bean, Down East Enterprises, Maine Media Workshops, the University of Southern Maine, and the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies on all media platforms from traditional (printed books, magazine, print advertising) to digital video, social media, and across the web. Meil built and ran two small media business over ten years and was chair of the board of directors for one of Maine’s coolest and most prominent non-profit organizations (The Telling Room). He has played a prominent role in turning around two BIG Maine brands from the inside (Down East and Maine Media) and is eager to apply his skills to businesses throughout New England.