Hailing from the southlands of West Virginia, Michael T. Miller has a diverse background in video production. In 2004, he was the personal videographer for John Kerry's presidential campaign, creating a web series entitled “On the Road with John Kerry” that chronicled Sen. Kerry's travels around the country. Soon after, he began producing and shooting for MTV's documentary series True Life, including shows dealing with youth poverty and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In the spring of 2005, Michael had the pleasure of traveling to Ethiopia and South Africa with Brad Pitt as part of the international ONE campaign to fight poverty and disease in Africa. His footage, which
documented Brad Pitt's experiences in Africa, was used on ABC's Primetime Live and cut into a PSA which aired at Live8 Concerts around the world. Michael continues to freelance for MTV, Sen. Hillary Clinton, and CurrentTV, while working on his MFA at American University in Washington, DC.