Jacqueline Frost has been a freelance cinematographer for twenty-five years and has shot numerous award winning independent short and feature films that have screened in film festivals all over the world. In addition to her work as a cinematographer she has also taken on the role of producer and director on several films.

Frost has an MFA in Motion Picture Production from the University of Miami and a Masters in Cinema from San Francisco State University. Jacqueline is currently an
Associate Professor at California State University Fullerton where she teaches beginning and advanced 16mm film production, American film history, directing for film and television, language of film and cinematography. In addition to her full time teaching she regularly teaches “Cinematography for Directors” through the UCLA extension program.

Jacqueline has contributed several articles to “Student Filmmaker” magazine and is a freelance writer for “American Cinematographer.” Her first book “Cinematography for Directors, A Guide to Creative Collaboration” (published by Michael Weise Productions) is coming out in August. Her second book, “Eye Behind the Lens, A Conversation with Contemporary Cinematographers” will be published by UC Berkeley Press in 2010.