Jacek Mostwin, MD, DPhil, is a physician specializing in urological surgery. As a photographer, he has concentrated on the human concerns of the sick and those who care for them. As a medical educator he has concentrated on the narrative and personal experiences of patients and health care professionals. For the last twenty years he has traveled in religious pilgrimage with the sick to the shrine at Lourdes, has been active in clinical medical ethics, and has worked in the darkrooms and studios of the Maine Photographic Workshops where he refined his interests in photography and writing. In 2004, he completed the Maine MFA program with a film entitled Engaging the Spiritual Dimension: A Doctor’s Tale. He is currently working on a project exploring Burn Care in America. Jacek brings his knowledge and experience of medicine and art to the Workshop with a focus on the humane and spiritual potential of photography.

Jacek's Upcoming Schedule

The Human Side of Medicine

Jul 12 - Jul 18 2015