Daniel Marracino grew up in the MTV school of crash and burn television, working as a director of photography on shows like Cribs and Beach House. He has shot dozens of buzz clips and DVD extras on multiple seasons of Sex and the City, Oz, The Sopranos and scores of other HBO original films. Daniel has worked on documentaries for MTV News and VH1, covering films such as On Parole with ODB, The New Swingers, Club Drugs, and DMC: My Adoption Journey (which won an Emmy in 2006). From 2006-08 Daniel worked on three documentaries that went theatrical, filming roughly half of What Would Jesus Buy?, and the third act of Sicko, the third highest grossing documentary of all time. Recently, Daniel captured Morgan Spurlock's Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?, for which he was embedded with US troops in Southern Afghanistan and was awarded the BTEC Level Three (Advanced) qualification through Britain's NQF for Surviving Hostile Regions. He has has spent extensive time in the Middle East and Northern Pakistan as well. Daniel in is currently in principal photography on Faster, a feature documentary about a 60 day juice fast with miraculous results.