Thirty years ago Carole Dean took a $20 bill and turned it into a $50 million a year industry when she reinvented the tape and short end industry in Hollywood, NYC and Chicago. Carole coined the phrase “short ends” and began buying and selling film ends left from production. She was instrumental in the birth of the Hollywood independent film community because she offered film to Indies at prices they could afford, allowing many producers to go on to great success, customers like Cassavetes took chances with her raw stock and succeeded.
As president and CEO of From the heart Productions, between 1994 to 1998 , Carole produced over 100 television programs, including the popular cable program, HealthStyles, where she interviewed some of the biggest names in the industry including, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Weil and Dr. Caroline Myss.

In 1992 Carole created the Roy W. Dean Grant Foundation in honor of her late father. To date Carole’s grant and mentorship programs have provided filmmakers with millions of dollars in goods and services and have played an instrumental role in establishing the careers of some of the industry’s most promising filmmakers.

A sought-after international speaker, Carole is currently touring the U. S. with her popular books, "The Art of Film Funding: Alternative Financing Concepts" published by Michael Wiese Publications, teaching filmmakers how and where to find funding. Her newest book is for a wider audience, “The Art of Manifesting: Creating your Future” was created to enrich lives. This book and seminar bring important information from leading physicists on the new studies that support your ability to create your reality, attract what you want and manifest the future you want. Carole says, “You are manifesting daily, the trick is to manifest what you want, not what you don’t want.” Using your mind to fund your films is paramount to the process. This book has simple techniques and concepts to aid you in funding your film along with testimonies from successful filmmakers who use these concepts.

From the Heart has given close to $2,000,000 in over 25 grants. Carole has helped these documentarians to pursue their dreams from original donation of raw stock, lights and camera to the current New York Film, LA Film and LA Video grants valued at over $50,000.00 each and the new writing grant that takes you to New Zealand. The writer/researcher grant is a 4 week sojourn in New Zealand. This allows serious screenwriters and documentary filmmakers to work on their projects in a serene, quiet setting on the Wye River surrounded by unspoiled beauty of the surrounding hills and working sheep farms.

Films sponsored by the Roy W. Dean grants now showing are "All Power to the People" on Starz, "A Chance to Grow" on Discovery "Save A Man to Fight" on History, “The Flute Player” on PBS “Stolen: The Lost Vermeer” on Court TV, “Salvaged Lives”, Discovery, “Homeland” and “Shakespeare Behind Bars” both on ITVS, “In My Corner”, PBS, “The Tomato Effect”, “Halstead Street”, PBS, “Hempsters Plant the Seed” distributed through school theatres, “Tahara”, now in film festivals, “American Chain Gang”, VHS & foreign, “Hopilavayi”, given back to the Hopi Indians to distribute and theatre distribution of “Double Dare”.

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