The Professional Certificate program in Photography at Maine Media College is a one-year, intensive, hands-on learning experience for emerging photographers.  Students study all facets of photography, working digitally or with traditional darkroom practices.  The 30-week program comprises 48 quarter-hour credits including course work in the areas of digital and darkroom craft, vision, history, and fine art or documentary project development. The program is excellent preparation for students seeking admission to graduate programs or for those who want to develop their photography in an immersive and highly challenging environment.



Fall Term
During the fall term students are introduced to the fundamentals of vision and craft, explore creative expression and study the history of photography. This term provides a foundation in photography through lectures, field and lab work, and faculty critiques. Students elect to concentrate their work in digital or traditional darkroom modes to complete portfolios of themes that explore the various genres of photography, documentary and fine art projects and substantial technical craft notebooks.

Digital Craft 4 credits
Darkroom Craft 4 credits
19th Century History of Photography 4 credits
Vision & Themes 4 credits
Project & Portfolio I 4 credits


Winter Term
The winter term immerses students in advanced levels of all aspects of the photographic process and allows for exploration in related practices. Students are required to take four courses during the winter term; these include a course in the history of 20th century photography and a project course. The other two courses are elective to allow students to specialize their studies in areas of specific interest. Students complete portfolios that demonstrate their proficiency and creativity in each class.

Project & Portfolio II 4 credits
20th Century History of Photography 4 credits
Studio Lighting 4 credits (elective)
View Camera 4 credits (elective)
Digital Printing 4 credits (elective)
Advanced Darkroom Craft 4 credits (elective)
Introduction to Alternative Processes 4 credits (elective)
Graphic Design 4 credits (elective)
Digital Foundation 4 credits (elective)
Collaboration in Multimedia 4 credits (elective)


Spring Term
The emphasis of the spring term is on artistic and professional development. Students continue work on the personal projects in fine art or documentary photography they began during prior terms. The project course is critique based and at this level geared to honing students’ individual ideas. A course in professional and business practices relevant to all media artists is required in the spring. Students choose two electives to round out the term. The program culminates in a public exhibition of student work.

Project & Portfolio III 4 credits
Professional Development 4 credits
Advanced Alternative Processes 4 credits (elective)
Published Artist 4 credits (elective)
Contemporary Trends in Photography 4 credits (elective)
History of Media 4 credits (elective)


Courses with fewer than five students are subject to cancellation.


2010-2011 Professional Certificate Course Catalog