The Professional Certificate program in Multimedia at Maine Media College is a one-year, intensive, hands-on learning experience for individuals wanting to explore the rich potential of multimedia storytelling. The 30-week program comprises 48 quarter-hour credits including course work in the areas of still photography, video, sound, editing. media history, and multimedia concepts. The program is excellent experience for those interested in working professionally as multimedia creators/producers, combining elements of photography, digital video and sound. The program is excellent preparation for students seeking admission to graduate programs.

Application is by review of an applicant’s portfolio / reel that must demonstrate a basic understanding of visual storytelling and basic skills in Photoshop and Final Cut Pro.


The Fall Term
The objective of the fall term is to introduce and familiarize students with the fundamental skills and concepts of multimedia production. The fall curriculum includes coursework in story development, digital photography workflow, digital video capture, field recording, interview techniques, and image editing. Through lectures, fieldwork, supervised labs and critique students build a solid foundation for more advanced multimedia productions in subsequent terms.

Digital Craft 4 credits
Principles of Storytelling & Writing 4 credits
Multimedia Concepts 4 credits
The Language of Editing I 2 credits
Sound & Motion 4 credits



The Winter Term
The winter term immerses students in advanced skill levels of all aspects of multimedia production, including graphic design and steps for publishing and distribution. During this term, students work collaboratively to produce multimedia projects, which may include multimedia portrait pieces, lyrical or experimental projects, documentary productions, or creative narratives of any kind. Learning advanced multimedia concepts, students learn to control story length, intent, pace, use of music and ambient sound, narration, field recordings and interviews.

Multimedia Publishing 4 credits
Advanced Multimedia Concepts 4 credits
Graphic Design 4 credits
Collaboration in Multimedia 4 credits



The Spring Term
The emphasis of the spring term is on individual student project production. Incorporating the concepts and skills learned in the previous two semesters students produce multimedia projects ready for web or dvd publication and distribution by term’s end. This final project is the result of 10 weeks of intense and concentrated development, production, and skilled editing in the post-production. Throughout the production of the final project, faculty guide and supervise each student through the process. In addition, during this term, students complete a course in Professional Development which focuses on preparation for the marketplace.

Professional Development 4 credits
History of Media 4 credits
Multimedia Production 8 credits



Courses with fewer than five students are subject to cancellation.


2010-2011 Professional Certificate Course Catalog