The Independent Filmmaking Certificate Program (IFCP) is for students interested in becoming independent filmmakers. With an emphasis on making films and garnering professional experiences, the program is delivered in a sequential series of modules.

Students can participate for any mixture of modules from one-week workshops to multi-week offerings or elect to stay 30 weeks on campus. The program need not be completed within one calendar year. Credits may be earned towards a final certificate of completion when a student has completed all modules. Working with industry professionals in IFCP, students will learn the technical and creative elements of narrative filmmaking through workshops and courses in technical training, screenwriting, directing, producing, as well as history of the medium and contemporary film.

The final segment of the program offers students two different options for advancing their work and their career:

1) Through MMW+C’s industry contacts and connections, students may apply for professional experiences ranging from assisting on a film set to internships within the industry or with NGO’s and non-profit organizations.

2) Students may apply to produce their film in the final Film Production module. Applications for this module will be vetted by an external review committee. Filmmakers selected will be mentored through this six-week production period, taking advantage of Maine Media production facilities and available student crews, and culminating with a final film screening at the end of May.

Admissions requirements: Each module of the program has specific levels of entry. Students may enter the fall workstudy program with little to no experience. Students may then progress through the modules in sequential order. For those wishing to enter into single modules in the track, a resume and/or reel will be required to demonstrate the required level of experience for each module.