How do I apply to the Maine Media College MFA program?
To apply for admission to the program you must send a completed application form along with official transcripts from all post-secondary schools you attended, your resume, an essay, three letters of recommendation, and samples of your work.  The non-refundable application fee is $75.00.  Details about this part of the application process may be found here:

While the school will receive your application materials at any time, it is in your best interest to ensure that we have received them no later than six weeks prior to the start of a semester.  Semesters begin during semi-annual retreats held in early November and late April.

Once all of your materials have arrived, a screening committee composed of members of the program faculty will review them.  Should the committee believe it is likely that you will be admitted to the program upon completion of the process, they will invite you to attend a retreat as an applicant.  At the retreat, you will participate in most of the activities with students currently enrolled.  You will also make a presentation of your work before the entire MFA faculty (MFA Committee) and students in attendance.  The faculty will ask you to discuss the work and to provide information as to your background and goals for the future.  The MFA Committee makes final determinations regarding admission during the retreat. You will be informed of the Committee’s decision at that time.


What kind of work should I include with my application?  
The MFA is a Fine Art degree.  The faculty would like to see recent work (done within the last two years) that is competent technically, is representative of your creative focus, and makes a coherent artistic statement.  It is generally not a good idea to submit work done commercially over which you did not have exclusive creative control.  Additionally, it is not recommended that you send work with the intention of demonstrating your versatility; send work that most identifies your own interests, personal work. 


May I work on my projects with any mentor I choose?
You may work with a mentor of your choosing provided the College approves them in advance.  They must submit a CV for review.  The school prefers that they hold a terminal degree, however, if they can demonstrate substantial professional experience, this qualification may be waived.  Further, if they have particular expertise in an area you intend to pursue with a specific project, they may be qualified to work with you on that project, regardless of the degrees they do or do not hold.

You may work with any of the MFA faculty or Maine Media Workshops instructors who have previously been qualified to serve in this capacity without having them submit a CV. 


Is Maine Media College accredited?
Maine Media College is not accredited at this time.  The College is pursuing accreditation through the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).  Maine Media College has been authorized by the State of Maine to confer the Masters of Fine Arts degree.


How much does the program cost?
The MFA is a 60-credit degree.  Tuition may be calculated by multiplying the per-credit amount by 60.  You must also attend, at minimum, six semi-annual retreats, including the application retreat.  The fee schedule for retreats and tuition may be viewed here:


Does Maine Media College offer financial aid?
At this time, Maine Media College does not offer scholarships specifically designated for MFA students.  If necessary, you may arrange a payment plan with the Director of Finance.  


Can I get a federal loan to pay for my MFA degree at Maine Media College?
Not at this time.  To qualify for such loans, the school a student attends must be accredited by an organization recognized by the government.  Maine Media college is seeking accreditation, but has not yet received it.     


Can I use my Veteran’s benefits to pay for my MFA degree at Maine Media College?
Yes.  Maine Media College has been approved by the Veteran’s Administration.


How much time must I spend on campus?
You must currently attend, at minimum, six semi-annual retreats, including the application retreat.  Retreats run from Thursday mornings through Sunday brunch.  In addition to retreats, you must also complete four weeks in residence during the course of your tenure in the program. 


Must I have previously earned an undergraduate degree in the field I intend to pursue in the MFA program?
No.  Students come to the program from diverse educational backgrounds.  An undergraduate degree in some field is generally required.