John Claussen Chairman
John Rosenblum Vice Chair
Judy O'Dell Treasurer
Julie Cawley Secretary
Patrick Bienvenue
Anna Ginn
Barbara Goodbody
Michael Pressman
Peter Ralston
Emma Simmons
Brink Thorne
Joan Welsh
Meg Weston



Samantha Appleton Photojournalist
Richard Benson Former Dean, Yale School of Art
Steven J. Bliss Dean of Comm. Arts, Savannah College of Art & Design
Bruce Brown Curator Emeritus, Center for Maine Contemporary Art
John Paul Caponigro Visual Artist
George DeWolfe Photographer, Author, Educator
Frank Evers Co-Founder & Co-Chair, New York Photo Festival
Lea Girardin Director, Maine Film Office
Judy Glickman Photographer, Collector
Ziad Hamzeh Filmmaker
Doug Hart Filmmaker, Author, Educator
Michael Hawley Writer, Photographer, Musician
Stephen Huyler Anthropologist, Historian, Photographer, Writer
Christopher James Photography Chair, The Art Institute of Boston
Chris Keane Screenwriter, Novelist
George Moss Photographer, Technologist, Entrepreneur
Alan Myerson Director
Jay Panetta Photographer, Educator
Lars Perkins Software Entrepreneur, Photographer
Paige Rense Editor in Chief, Architectural Digest
Jeff Rosenheim Associate Curator of Photographs, Metropolitan Museum of Art
John Sculley Entrepreneur, Board of Directors, Digital Domain
Matthew Simmons Chairman, Simmons and Company International
Wick Skinner James E. Robison Professor Emeritus, Harvard Business School
Craig Stevens Professor of Photography, Savannah College of Art & Design
Susan L. Welsh Producer
Lauren Wendle Publisher, Photo District News
Vilmos Zsigmond Director of Photography
David H. Lyman Founder & Director (1973-2007)

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